A kissing frog in a kissing-book…

Einige meiner liebe-vollsten Illustrationen wie zum Beispiel der küssende Frosch sind gerade in einem Buch veröffentlicht worden.
Aus dem Klappentext:
„Like kissing? Nearly everyone does, and „Kissing in the Facebook Age“ is a contemporary snapshot capturing the artistic and creative mood of post-skeptical Gen Xers. This whimsical collaborative project offers a compilation of the written word and fresh images that celebrate the power of lip-to-lip connection. Vintage images, anime/manga, illustrations, cartoons and photography are lovingly showcased in this eclectic collection, along with descriptions of memorable kisses of all kinds. „Kissing in the Facebook Age“ is the ultimate art book for anyone who revels in the act of sharing lips in the digital era.“

Hier zu bestellen: http://www.lulu.com/content/4225655